Mother’s day gifts

11 May

Orchidea (Photo credit: TGiacinto)

I remember my first gift to her. It took me time planning and a lot of savings, since I was 7 and she was my only source of money. Despite the little concern in using her money to give her a present, I decided that once she gave me the coins they were mine and I would do whatever I wanted with them.

At the beginning of May, 1989, the few cruzeiros I had and the restriction of going out by myself or with my bigger sister wouldn’t allow me many choices. I don’t remember exactly how the trade went, but I got her a small, blue measure cup that she uses still today, in her sugar box. Sweet memories.

I was thinking that in many cases I buy my mother some sort of “moderly” gifts. Today, I decided something different, and if you haven’t bought your mother a gift, It might be worth sharing the stiod (Did you know there are different dates according to the different countries and histories? Ckeck this table at Wikipedia).

I went to my favorite accessory shop (Customized) with one  only idea: “I’ll buy her present as though it was to myself” but regarded age and style constraints. The only negative thing is that I love the design of many of their accessories so I did not resist and bought me some “gifts as well” with the argument I am mom to a cat and so I deserve some caress for myself. Great is because they produce many of my favorite items, they are unique and not that expensive, so she’ll get five or six items if I decide giving away a cute ring and a scarf I first bought to her and am now in doubt about.

If you are a boy, this can work for you as well, since you can imagine yourself having some great think that will also fit mommy. That will make it easy to you buying jewelry or clothes consider some or these questions:

  •  Would yourself wear/use them?
  • What do they tell about your personality?


Now and then I get really concerned with the comercialization of celebration dates such as mother’s day, Easter, Christmas etc. These days were not different and perhaps that is why it took me long to deciding what to give Mrs. Paiva this year. Well other (worth sharing)  ideas I had for mother’s day were:

  • Handcrafting her a pot and getting her some nice and long lasting plant
  • Handcrafting her patchwork frame
  • Take mom to a quick travel somewhere she  likes (Campos do Jordão?)  and have daughter-mom weekend.

 These Ideas are not as commercial as going to this Higienópolis shop, even though they are quite cheap in there. But they have something more special since it would represent my time dedication and directing my concern towards her maternity itself.


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