Friday Night: Engov → Beer/Caipirinha/ Vodka → Engov

11 May
Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited

Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited (credit: C-Monster)

❀❀❀ Disclaimer – post for those who are keen of some alcoholic beverage on weekends  ❀❀❀

Many of us have some recipe on how to cure that undesirable hangover the day after a great, long drinking night. Some old fellows would insist that having a beer as the first move when you wake up is flawless. I am skeptical! That’s why I don’t do that (anymore). In fact I did it once for three days in a row in a bygone carnival (Ouro Preto / Brazil). The fourth day turned into hell, so I got even more skeptical about this recipe.

What I, from the height of my thirties, advise is drinking water and, perhaps the most important, taking a pill of Engov®  before your drinking starts and one just after or as soon as you remember you boozed kind of hard.

Engov is a drug which has as active ingredients  aluminum hydroxide, aspirin andmepyramine maleate effective in combating hangovers. You will remember me pretty thankful after this stiod special if you consider not going out on Saturday because Sunday is Mother’s day in your community.

Attention: It prevents the common symptoms of hangover, but not moral headaches caused by excessive drinking. 😉


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