Give your doctor a check (-up)

8 May
The Five Doctors

The Five Doctors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some times I wonder if you readers think any of my post come from another galaxy. But things that happen here below the equator scare me sometimes, so elementary are the mistakes etc.

Well, that is needless to say how important a doctor is to one’s life, or  is it?

I mean, you don’t expect your doctor being a naive, uninstructed or what else. The guy is any how entering your body and changing it – by procedures or by giving you medication, chemicals etc. How much can you trust your doctor for doing so? How much do we get to know about our doctors?

Here in Brazil we have a non-official but largely used system to check out professors, students etc. in their academic lives. For example, if look me up, you will see congresses, courses, titles etc.

What I found out this week is that the same system do not exist for doctors! There is not a common database you go and check your doctor’s CV. I got a bit disappointed with one of the doctors from my health provider (Intermedica) and decided to look up for information about her. It was deadly hard.

I ended up finding some official publishing with her grades when trying to get into residency program. None of the tests she took turned her a grade bigger than 48%! That is true, the woman has less then half of the knowledge a Doctor has to in order to be a good professional. And my health provider wanted her taking care of me.

The stiod would be having a public (worldwide?) database with doctors’ educational (summarized) history as well as their professional carreer, fails as well as achievements. I do not mind being assisted by a young doctor. I just need to know they are so, to feel they have competence for that as well. The person in question is entering me, and I want to decide if I trust them doing so or not.

Ah, yeah, I should let myself getting suggestions from older patients etc? Now will I undertake a deep investigation, looking for witnesses etc. Come on… the best thing is having trustful information available to everybody.


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