Relationship Investment: Support your partner’s hobby

7 May

Once or twice I got worried for this women who are complaining their partners had some hobby and did not spend enough time on them, or men who complain their partners spend time and/or money in their free time.

My idea is creating a private investment fund for supporting your partner’s hobby, instead of fighting it – please, with no hope they will end up stopping it, ok?

The thought behind the stiod is giving more than love to your beloved. Give them support. Incentive them to buy the needed devices, products etc. to improve their hobbies. I myself have been spending some time learning how to build plastic models and some money in trying to create a perfect one to praise my dearest and incentive him to keep with his (guilty) pleasure. On the other side, he’s spent more time on giving me compliments when I succeed in my polishing, for example.

Thing is – instead of trying to stop your partner doing what they like in their free time, you find ways of helping each other.

One Response to “Relationship Investment: Support your partner’s hobby”

  1. crazybunny66 May 7, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    what is it with “boys” and plastic models anyway 😉

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