Stiod Opinion: Football Gospel Fan-club

6 May

Let us be interconnected by fate. Oh, dramatic me.

Perhaps just because the last post was about football, this one just popped out from my TV. Perhaps it’s the destiny.

Let me stop with this yonder talk and go straight to the point. In my beloved Brazil, a protestant priest decided to create his own football fan-club: Fogospel. It is  a way of blending the passions for Jesus and for football.

Wait, wait… will you deem me for intolerance if I say it is weird? That’s perhaps because we have the football stadium as our (un)sacred place for swearing and screaming the stress off. These people go there and restrain themselves from swearing. But, how do they express their (extreme) anger or (extreme) happiness? Using religious words!!!

Instead of saying “f*ck you referee”, they say “go and convert yourself, referee”.

Instead of “shit”, “Jesus”

Instead of “f*ck off you j*rk*d”, “Oh God, save him!”

Again, you might call me a bitter b**ch, but I do not think it is OK for many Gospel, Catholic, Muslim, or Jew or other religious groups to cry out The Sacred Name vainly.

Please, where are we folks going with all this tolerance talk? To allow any jerk doing whatever they want in name of their beliefs. Please, take me home…

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