Stiod Opinion: Trackable t-shirt

5 May
Simmental cattle on alp pasture (Engstligenalp...

Simmental cattle on alp pasture (Engstligenalp, Switzerland) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traditionally, the farms use cow bells in order to keep track of  their cows and other farm animals. Now, farming technology has advanced and gotten sophisticated. Bells are used now more for fun and style purposes.

 The Big Bang Theory Episode  16  of  third  season. Raj comes with a fantastic sound-track-like t-shirt. It is annoying and fun at the same time. 

What do these two lines have in common? A priori nothing. Up to now. A school in North East Brazil decided to blend the two items and created a “cow bell hi-tech t-shirt”.

The kids – as it is in many schools in Brazil and this is another question to discuss –  are obligated to wear a questionable taste green microchip-equipped school uniform t-shirt. A sensor in the entrance of the school registers the entrance and leave of the students and send a SMS to the parents registering it. I guess the green is to recall the “cow bell” origin of the stiod.

Am I too old? Do we really need technology for controlling our kids? I mean… daughters and sons. I explain: has it become so that a micro-chip is your totem for respect? In my teenage I already new that obedience was not sign of respect. But being controlled by a micro-chip against truancy goes a bit beyond in freeing parents from their responsibility with their own kids. Sorry! The so-called “smart uniforms” has costed the local authorities 4.7 million and is said to facilitate the relationship between parents and teachers. What about improving teaching techniaques, making better parents meetings and having a couch or mediator hired in the school? Taking about cows, this is totally bulls…

I can understand parents having GPS in their kids’ mobile so to be sure of their safety. I could even understand the school sms:ing the parents when their kids did not come to class (or calling as in a school I worked at) to be sure everything was ok and telling what the homework is. The question then is not “cow belling” but an actual educational concern.

Yet, this is so authoritarian people might not understand as much. Instead of focusing in the quality of education and activities that make students interested in school, the schools are investing in trackable t-shirts and giant fences. As a message: “This is your prison, we own your a** and you are to stay where we tell you to!”

PS. Dear reporter (David Boati), it is not about kid’s safety, it is about control. Come to experience São Paulo better and you will know that the violence per capita here is not  bigger than a couple of better known cities/states (check a bit)

PS2: Dear Reader, even though you do not understand Swedish check out this video and answer me if you would give priority to buying this technology or new desks, for example?

Sorry readers, I got a bit exalted 😀

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