Stiod Opinion: Beat Politicians – or have kids doing so.

3 May

Who of us have never been angry at politicians. Because I am not a homeland buff – and that might be because of our politicians – I get angry at politicians around the globe: Berlusconi, Sarcozi, Bush, Obama, Rousseff, Salim, Kirchner, Chavez, Morales and the list goes… increasing and decreasing, usually hitting the top in those authoritarians.

The thing is, you get mad at them. You dislike some a lot. But we always restrain our innermost hate towards other people. That the way we have been taught towards civilization. So long.

This politicians (the Swedish Left Party) decided to make bolls (piñatas) resembling current Swedish authorities. Fill them up with candies and money. And have kids beating them “to death”. So they would get their insides out and eat them up! Some thing recalls me some other event I don’t know exactly what… let me see… yeah, the black cake case again! How many I have to say: we don’t eat people.

Thing is… sarcasm, irony, satire goes perfectly well withing any situation – many, including this humble blogger, have what we call here around “black humor” and make some “politically incorrect” jokes (those Vänsterpartiet would deem me to prison for). We don’t hurt people. We don’t depict hate and violence. There is a huge gap between a joke and a realistic scene where you beat (images of) people up!

What makes a bit worried is “what are we teaching kids”? To beat on those people we disagree with?  A new “dejavu” remembers someone throwing footwear  in presidents.

So, to finish this, I will just recall an old post: Natural Law teaching as global obligation. Or good taste principles that would not harm anybody either.


Traditional Piñatas (above) vs  Left Party’s Piñatas (below) (foto from

A nine-pointed star piñata.

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