Notifying Pet feeder

2 May

It has been one year we decided adopting a cute spoiled short-haired cat. Since then, having his dried food bowl full became one of my duties. It does not harm me at all and is a way of giving him love.

Sometimes, though, I find it hard to take decisions because I wouldn’t know if he’s got enough food for my absence. I would not allow myself getting him a automatic feeder or the likes. That’s quite un-personal. Then, the stiod was born

Pip would get a wi-fi bowl. Its system might be simple: based in its weight and a clock. Its function is to inform me weather it is empty or full. And if when it was emptied or filled (if I get a cat sitter, for example – or whatchamacallit). When on of this events occur it generates a log in an App, that shows me the current status of the bowl. And the App shows me if he is probably satisfied or hungry based in given veterinarian data. B-)





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