Stiod Opinion: Residency for teachers

1 May

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

The idea might have come from other scholars but I got to know it from António Nóvoa, rector of the University of Lisbon.  Let us see what it is.

Whoever is concerned about teaching matters know that there is a huge gap between the content at universities and the reality at schools. Undergrad students go directly from ideal world – with ideal content and ideal students – to school practice. They have not time to pass from a student to a professional teacher.

The residency would work just as it does form medicine young professionals. The ST teacher would work about three years under supervision of a fully licensed professional. This would help the newbie to make a transition between the university content and the school reality.

The idea sounds amazing. And it amazes me because since my studies at university I always felt no one of us at teaching program were  prepared for going out teaching. The internship programs are not enough.

American Education is in the Dumpster

American Education is in the Dumpster (credit: brewbooks)

However, the internships programs showed me why Nóvoa´s idea is not the whole thing for solving education problems – there is a huge number of “experienced” teachers that have no idea what they are doing in a classroom. I say that about Brazil, but what I have read around, I can say it is a big problem in other countries as well. Inclunding Portugal, where professor Nóvoa comes from.

In Sweden, one of top countries when education matters, has a great debate in demanding teachers to be licensed. People who are against this obligation have no idea how education can be degraded outside that system. Therefore I think that licencing exams must be also mandatory for teachers. They are as much responsible for lives as doctors are.

Unfortunately, so few see this occupation as crucial for the evolution of our species and the preservation of all the others.

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