Race thoughts.

1 May
Assorted cosmetics and tools

Assorted cosmetics and tools (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not the first time I type about race/ racism etc. But I will do it again, because the stiod to be told is a real (stupid) one. This week I’ve read enough about the topic. First the black cake, then the black power sponges… So I got inspired

People have been screaming out loud that we should not see people as different. Kind of ignoring that there are different groups of people, so not to be called racist. I will not go into the debate, but I have some suggestions to the make money withing (or, better saying without) the cosmetics industry.

You can chose one of the following ways of doing it:

  1. Sue cosmetic companies because they have shampoos and products specifically to black people. Arguments:
    1. they make money after b.p. necessities of strong products;
    2. they imply b.p. are not as good as white people and then they need to use differentiated products;
    3. products destined to b.p. have brown color in their packages, and that is discrimination;
    4. they sell products to make b.p. hair as straight as white people ones, and induce b.p. to abdicate their own ethnicity.
  2. Sue cosmetic companies that sell products for white people. Arguments:
    1. they discriminate openly: that b.p. are not supposed to buy their products;
    2. the products are more expensive than those for b.p.
    3. the b.p products are more expensive than those for white people: see argument 1.1
  3. Sue a store that does not have equal number of products for b.p and white people.
  4. Sue a make up company because their blush for b.p is too light for dark skin.
  5. Sue a make up company because they have too dark blush.

cropped from :Image:Races2.jpg 1820 drawing of...

Well, I do not want to sit all the night typing about racism and the likes. Hope you could have some fun. I’d love to see what  you guys think of the subject (more energy where the real problems lie) or there is racism everywhere and people who suffer prejudice are too stupid for not defending themselves?

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