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Stiod Opinion: Black Power Sponge

28 Apr
Black Power

Black Power (Photo credit: Walt Jabsco)

I have never been a Barbie fan. That might be because she’d never had a hair as darting as mine 😀

In sudden, I’ve liked a doll. Wait, dear, you’re thirty! yeah, com’on, I’m not mother yet, so some playing with toys might not be a huge problem or might not it?

The toy: A Diana Ross doll. With this wonderful black power hair you can use as a washing sponge — and it does not stop there, they have black power version as well as punky (white), disco (white) and groovy (white) versions. The thing I find it a great stiod relies yet in my positivism and my keenness in finding usefulness in things.

My hair has had some usefulness, as many have noticed: protection against rain, shock, pen holder, etc. But I’ve never used it as a sponge (or have I?), and would be scared if someone did it. But what about a doll? I might use my wash sponges more often, I swear! I’ve thinking of finding some use to my cat’s soft soft soft fur, I promise, but no success yet…

Well the thing that makes it a bit upsetting is not the fact that they use our huge black hair as brush. But the problem some many “black people defenders” find in it. How many have reacted after the mop that look exactly like white straight hair (that in my country we call “Emilia” (A white doll we have in our folklore).

Thing is racist defenders have gone too long. Too far away from reality. That’s also why I can tell black people jokes and have dozen of people laughing at a bar, but cannot hear that from my friends.


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