Doctor Follow up Notebook

27 Apr

How good is your memory? I don’t remember when mine worked well last. I felt bad for a while, later on, I forgot why I was sad about, then I got ok.

Moleskine notebook. Беларуская: Нататнік Moles...

(credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been recently to some doctor appointments. Because I am not steady with the some doctors by my new healthcare provider, I’ve visited different professionals for the same problem. That’s why the stiod came to me: keeping my own health diary.

I intend having one notebook for each type of “question”. Bowels, headache, etc. and the entries will be organized according to doctor’s visits. With the issues i brought, the date, doctor and hospital info and a follow up cell, with doctor’s diagnosis, medication prescribed and evolution.

That will help much, specially getting yourself a whole picture of your health matter. I got to know (from Husband) later that some health care systems in Europe etc. have a system of keeping such records online. But this is rare here under Equator.

Moreover, if you take yourself the notes, you’ll be better prepared for your talk to your physician. You can organize by questions you have and answers you get, for example.

The doctor loved the thing today and kept my printed spreadsheet, with plenty of info about later events I had.

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