Even or Odds deciding – App

26 Apr

Since I started blogging at WP, reading blogs became a delightful habit. There are thousands of people out there with interesting things to do, and great ideas around. This blogger, for example created an App so you decide if a given number is odd or even. I did not play it, but I can see myself doing it again and again.

Since not everybody is like me (and AndroidResearch) that can be entertained with futility, and because I have turned into a (annoying) positivist, I can see his App as something formidable. And useful. Let’s have an Even or Odds App, similar to those toss-the-coin ones.

How I imagine it working: You decide who takes even and who takes odds. You would just shake your device, after opening the app, and it would show you randomly a number and say out aloud  the word “even” or “odd”.

It sounds pretty stupid I know. But it is not, indeed. You don’t really need an app for that unless you are blind or have all fingers :). In my friendship circles (even family), I got these disabled people around. In many cases they are just as normal people as any of us. But some of them do not have all fingers. Some of them are blind. As my BFF says sometimes to me: “I would show you my middle finger if I had got one!”

It might be cultural, but the ancient game Morra (the odds and even games) is pretty common around here, to decide which team starts a match, who will clean the cat sand (oh, this is home), make the popcorn during a match or a film, we do all of it with even or odds decision. It gets a bit hard if you do not have fingers, if you cannot see what your colleague put first as “amount of fingers”.

It is nice, to help people but sure it will entertain a lot of other people (regardless the age) that do not necessarily need it.

Imagine people who have vices — some people will always put an even number of fingers if they chose “even”, or the other way round. So it is quite obvious what you will get if you put an odd number. The app makes the decision more random!

Thanks for the Insight in your post, AndroidResearch

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