The Court of Love

25 Apr

Disclaimer: I will try to avoid it sounding slushy because that is definitely not the case.  It is not to be sexist either.

This idea has been hanging since the 12th century: to have a court that referees the cases love. Back in the medieval Occitania (Le País d’Òc), a kind of courtly games were played and they took decision in matters of love.

Because the court does not exist any longer and the members of it either: great ladies, troubadours (we got some poets,t that’s true) and  Knights, I propose a composition of a new court, with current characters. Smart ladies (?), Wise gentlemen, True lovers, Romantic men (poets, for example), emos and teenage girls.

The topic to be decided would hold the same:

“Is love possible between husband and wife?”
“How to handle quarrels between lover and lover?”.

Court of Love in Provence in the Fourteenth Ce...

(credit: Wikipedia)

The code, might be inspired in that one from The Courtly Love. It has, although, to be revisited, taking away chauvinistic point of views as well as heterosexuality: And the only question to be answered: “were the lovers conducted in accordance with this code?”. See for example the most famous verdict, delivered at Troyes by Marie de France who finds it impossible the love between married people : “Our judgment, issued after many councils and supported by the opinion of many other ladies, must be accepted by you as unmistakable and always true. Enacted in the year 1174, May 1, in the seventh indiction“. (Marie, Countess of Champagne).

The Court of Love cannot be defined locally – otherwise we have the risk of forbidding lovers from different cultures to be together, for example, or being too narrow-minded. Its members must be undoubtedly acquainted with “The Code” and represent the broader set of current thoughts existing around a community – country, county, city…

That shall help a lot of broken hearts.

This is a wide and deep idea, so I might come later to change it out. If you have topics to be included, Please, make me know!


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