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On the fly Fiction

23 Apr
245i Short Stories Oct-1949 Page 11 Loot from ...

245i Short Stories Oct-1949 Page 11 Loot from Badakhshan 06 by E. Hoffmann Price (credit: California Cthulhu (Will Hart))

Last week I was talking to a great friend of mine (Cid Marcus) and he told me why he’s never published a book despite he has material for at least a dozen of them: “I hate the all-time frozen aspect of books. I change, so do my ideas”.

Cid Marcus as well as many of us changes his mind on the go. Because he learns more and wants constant changes in the things he writes. That is why now he’s got a blog where he rewrites his texts that were published since the 70’s.

Thinking of Cid Marcus’ aversion for static opinions and the perpetual feeling of  printed materials I thought of how would it look like having a “on the fly” fiction. The stiod is to have your romance or etc written online. Something similar to old times short stories that were written in parts and published in magazines.

The novelty in this “on the fly” fiction is that it can be changed as the authors change their minds, since it is a hypertext. The story might change small details through time, the readers would access them by chapters or mark somehow where they’ve stopped reading (perfect in times of tablets and the likes), since the reader can log in (ah ha, a way of getting payed, so those merchant minds would adhere to the movement) and read periodically his/her story, romance or the so.

This would make the reading process much dynamic since you have a living story, progresses according to the time being, the acceptance of the chapters, public reaction, author’s state of mind. It will be rather challenging to keep the unity with all these features, keep the audience, the thrill.

I would be in the first isle to read such genre, as far as the story has personality and content.

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