Stiod Opinion: Online Prayer (or digital Wailing Wall)

21 Apr
Wailing Wall pre-1920

Wailing Wall pre-1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Swedish church got an amazing idea that has taken some hours of my day since I discovered it yesterday.

At first it reminded me the Wailing Wall in Israel. In there, there is a very common practice of placing slips of paper containing written prayers into the cracks of the Wall. People will write notes with their wishes and place them in the cracks hoping they will come true.

It’s digital (ecumenical) version is a quite well developed website in which you type a prayer. The question I did immediately was “why should I pray via computer?”. There is no reason in fact. The greatness of the stiod lies exactly in it. You don’t really need to type your prayer. But the moment you do that, it takes form. It exists. It gets official. It was the prayer you chose to leave your innermost and enter this community of wishes, thanks giving, aspirations.

The whole set makes the history of mankind wishes. Unclassifiable, uncontrolled. Only free, with the only constraint on the number of characters you can type. But then you can come back and give life to more prayers. Here you have a link to it. Be curious, and get touched…

You don’t need to be Christian or whatever. You don’t need to pray to any specific divinity – it can be your own. You might only be curious and read around what people ask. And discover amazing selves in there. With no face, no color, no name. Only words.

I like the place for all it represents, for the anonymity and unity of its. For putting people together and homogenizing – all have equal place, equal chance to express their real wishes. You can also chose a church to send your prayer (perhaps they will address you their blessings)

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