Here is your fridge – App

21 Apr
CDC beets

(credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of raw food home but no idea of what to do with them?

The recipe App or website will help you to find the optimal recipe based on key ingredients you have home. For example, you have beetroot, milk, egg, flower. What can you do with that?

You enter these ingredients, and it searches for recipes (on the web, or into the website database) where you can use the most ingredients you can, with the minimum necessity to buy others. With the example of my fridge above I would get: option 1, beetroot souffle; option 2, omelet & beetroot juice with milk; option 3, beetroot stuffed pancakes. (These recipes have to come from somewhere, of course).

This idea is perhaps suitable to chefs such as Erik Fröderberg from the TV program that names my stiod, in this program he comes to personalities and cooks 3 dishes meal with whatever they have in their fridges.

The facility could even ask you if you got some extra ingredient that you did not list, so it can help you out to use optimally your “leftover” ingredients.

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