Stiod Derived: When is my pizza coming — App?

21 Apr

That would be a net based App (or the likes). You are really hungry nearby 11.58pm. You can not stand the stove or the stoven or whatever kitchen machine you have home. You, then order a pizza. They promise you 30 minutes to get fed and it takes 76′ !  Other 50 homes had the same idea, and perhaps 10 of them are in love with the pizza moto boy (or whatever reason) . 

Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margh...

The App, or webpage, would show you how long  (in the rough) will it take to your order come to your house! will it take 10 mins, you can, for example prepare a salad (I love pizza with a salad starter) and cool down the wine (another pleasure of mine and other 8.oo0.o00 São Paulo inhabitants’  (the others would have beer or coke instead)).

Is it difficult? I hardly believe so. You can roughly calculate the due time based in the client’s post code (sometimes even telephone numbers, they always ask you by the way, around here.) and the pizzeria’s one, plus the time the pizza is ready.  That would take people around 46 minutes programming…

Bon appétit!


some pizza parlor man just got it in the neck from Mr CB 😉

This is the second time they were 45 minutes late in delivering our order. Last time the pizzas were more or less cold, this time, the were re-heated but the wrong pizza when we opened it up.

Ohhh, ever seen a hungry man turning into a “monster”? Not a pretty sight, indeed.

Big boy took him and the ill-fated pizzas back to their rightful owner, last I heard was a call to see what the two wee ones want from McDonalds 😉



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