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Stiod Opinion: Online Prayer (or digital Wailing Wall)

21 Apr
Wailing Wall pre-1920

Wailing Wall pre-1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Swedish church got an amazing idea that has taken some hours of my day since I discovered it yesterday.

At first it reminded me the Wailing Wall in Israel. In there, there is a very common practice of placing slips of paper containing written prayers into the cracks of the Wall. People will write notes with their wishes and place them in the cracks hoping they will come true.

It’s digital (ecumenical) version is a quite well developed website in which you type a prayer. The question I did immediately was “why should I pray via computer?”. There is no reason in fact. The greatness of the stiod lies exactly in it. You don’t really need to type your prayer. But the moment you do that, it takes form. It exists. It gets official. It was the prayer you chose to leave your innermost and enter this community of wishes, thanks giving, aspirations.

The whole set makes the history of mankind wishes. Unclassifiable, uncontrolled. Only free, with the only constraint on the number of characters you can type. But then you can come back and give life to more prayers. Here you have a link to it. Be curious, and get touched…

You don’t need to be Christian or whatever. You don’t need to pray to any specific divinity – it can be your own. You might only be curious and read around what people ask. And discover amazing selves in there. With no face, no color, no name. Only words.

I like the place for all it represents, for the anonymity and unity of its. For putting people together and homogenizing – all have equal place, equal chance to express their real wishes. You can also chose a church to send your prayer (perhaps they will address you their blessings)

Here is your fridge – App

21 Apr
CDC beets

(credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of raw food home but no idea of what to do with them?

The recipe App or website will help you to find the optimal recipe based on key ingredients you have home. For example, you have beetroot, milk, egg, flower. What can you do with that?

You enter these ingredients, and it searches for recipes (on the web, or into the website database) where you can use the most ingredients you can, with the minimum necessity to buy others. With the example of my fridge above I would get: option 1, beetroot souffle; option 2, omelet & beetroot juice with milk; option 3, beetroot stuffed pancakes. (These recipes have to come from somewhere, of course).

This idea is perhaps suitable to chefs such as Erik Fröderberg from the TV program that names my stiod, in this program he comes to personalities and cooks 3 dishes meal with whatever they have in their fridges.

The facility could even ask you if you got some extra ingredient that you did not list, so it can help you out to use optimally your “leftover” ingredients.

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Stiod Derived: When is my pizza coming — App?

21 Apr

That would be a net based App (or the likes). You are really hungry nearby 11.58pm. You can not stand the stove or the stoven or whatever kitchen machine you have home. You, then order a pizza. They promise you 30 minutes to get fed and it takes 76′ !  Other 50 homes had the same idea, and perhaps 10 of them are in love with the pizza moto boy (or whatever reason) . 

Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margh...

The App, or webpage, would show you how long  (in the rough) will it take to your order come to your house! will it take 10 mins, you can, for example prepare a salad (I love pizza with a salad starter) and cool down the wine (another pleasure of mine and other 8.oo0.o00 São Paulo inhabitants’  (the others would have beer or coke instead)).

Is it difficult? I hardly believe so. You can roughly calculate the due time based in the client’s post code (sometimes even telephone numbers, they always ask you by the way, around here.) and the pizzeria’s one, plus the time the pizza is ready.  That would take people around 46 minutes programming…

Bon appétit!


some pizza parlor man just got it in the neck from Mr CB 😉

This is the second time they were 45 minutes late in delivering our order. Last time the pizzas were more or less cold, this time, the were re-heated but the wrong pizza when we opened it up.

Ohhh, ever seen a hungry man turning into a “monster”? Not a pretty sight, indeed.

Big boy took him and the ill-fated pizzas back to their rightful owner, last I heard was a call to see what the two wee ones want from McDonalds 😉



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Stiod Derived: Christian wine (water based)

21 Apr

You would sell a wine, created directly from water. Just as the New Testament says. That would be world wide accepted since no fermentation process would be undergone! the purest wine in Earth!

Check my motivations: ** all respect for real religions and beliefs reserved **

A couple of weeks ago I saw something extra weird!

This Christian guy comes to the medias (I saw it on youtube at first) announcing his newest stiod. The idea according to him was to have an alternative beverage to Coke. Yes, this giant trademark. And he says he is going to overcome Coke’s market power. Sometimes, in my innermost self I believe he’s right.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”

(usually assigned to Einstein)

Despite I’m skeptical he shall find those people in Israel, I still believe it. That’s because his main argument is: “God” told him that “coca cola”,  the trade mark in Brazil, if you read backwards,  mean “the devil’s water” (which language?). His “god”  is helping him to find 7.000 distributors according to  I kings 19:18

“Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.”

That’s because he got a revelation from Him that he must do this factoring and crush down Coke, so that His glory would come to Earth.  My belief is base on the unexplainable amount of money such churches have gathered in a couple of decades in Brazil (that case, for example of the church founders arrested in USA)

Poor people who work at least 44 hours per week and make about  € 2400, 00 a year give away regularly 10% of their money (montlhly), plus extra charges for special prayers such as “318 priests campaing” or “take your prayer to Israel with heaven’s selected priests” that have € 20,0oas starters –  and it goes on

every week, or every mass!!!

I do respect religions. I cannot respect people who take away the least resources people have to feed their family in the name of God or whatever… sorry!

Well, this guy wants to be Brazil’s richest man, so we(*) got him some tips (stiod)

  • Add wine to his product stocktaking; or perhaps beer, it can even be more honest than alcohol free options;
  • Brew water based wine! we mean… no grapes, no alcohol… just wine!

    Goblet Glass (Banquet): An all-purpose glass f...

    (credit: Wikipedia)

  • Find a new name – respected by fundamentalist muslims that believe Coke and USA are tools in Devil’s hand;
  • Find a new name – respected by fundamentalist marxists that believe Coke and USA are tools in Devil’s hand;

I am pretty sure he might have many other stiod to share with us!


* in colaboration with Husband

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