5 liters beer can accessible to all

20 Apr

You don’t need to be an alcoholic. It is enough to like to gather friends home and share some beer.

I came across to the stiod by chance, as I saw a big can in a restaurant near my place. I thought it was just a decoration article, but some googling turned up to show it exists for real! You have a 5 liters beer can on your table. Everybody can just go to it’s tap, pour the beer into their glasses and continue chatting or playing some board game or whatever.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No need to run  and get new beer cans/ bottles all the time.  One thing that concerns me is to get the beer cold long enough,I  need to check if it has a system of holding the cold once it’s outside the fridge. (Come latter with more info)

It could also work as the widespread bag in box wine does. You keep the big can in your fridge and poor beer to yourself only when when you need/ want a sip.

The good thing, it seems to me, is that you might need less material for the can, so you reduce your waste producing (got to research more as well).

One important thing is to get this big cans easy to find, since I didn’t know I could get one of that before having the stiod of looking up some information about the “decoration article” I saw in the restaurant!

So, my stiod is  having a widespread advertising campaign, or having people demanding 5 liters beer accessible to all.


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