Stiod Opinion: Virtual Companion to Agoraphobics

19 Apr
Panic attack

Panic attack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is pretty cool to see that people around world have many interesting ideas to make world better. This agoraphobic blogger is creating an App to help people who find it difficult to go out home. The idea is “to help agoraphobics and those with social anxieties … a companion who will walk with you out the door, to the sidewalk and beyond”. Although all my fears that this might create a dependence just similar to the ones triggered by therapies and medications, the idea of a help of this kind sounds great.

In fact, it might seem as a personification of a schizophrenia, when you create a imaginary friend to cope with your fears and problems. But it does not need to be so! Not at all.

Of course the details of her App are kept to herself and her friend helping her. But here goes some wonder that I think would be a great thing around.

Would the App work with real people, wanting to help and to “walk” together with the agoraphobic? Virtual friends, volunteers or just other disordered people (social dependents, for example) that are on line there, interacting with the App user so they will feel comfortable in having someone around?

In one of the comments (check here), some follower to her blog, suggested the App calling a person when the panic was imminent. What a nice thought, despite my skepticism on an App noticing when you’re about to have a panic attack (it might me possible, by some physical signals, perhaps?). The idea of programing the App to get someone in the voluntary lists to call you in a given time, when you are out home, might be a great feature to arlynnpresser‘s App!

Whishing you all the luck and looking forward to news!

Let’s answer her question to you:  would you want that app?


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