Poliglot (local) radio

19 Apr
Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Avenida Paulista . SP, Brazil (credit: Wikipedia)

How many foreigners are there in your area?

Perhaps this stiod occurred me because I live in a metropolis, and an afternoon walk through Avenida Paulista allows me to hear lots of other languages around. Why not give this groups the chance to listen to their mother tongue once or twice a day? That is also a way of sharing their culture and decentralizing the music world from EMI, (MTV) EMA, Grammy nominees circles.

Just a listen to the contesters to Eurovision (and the winners some years back) you can see how nice it can be listening songs from other countries, in other languages! Now I have many facebook friends from other countries, and just checking their posts about music reveals great rhythms, nice melodies and so on (Ok I don’t have idea what they are singing about, but it is pleasant).

So, you give foreigners the chance to show their culture, have a news digest in their own language (nice to listen when in traffic, etc.) and to locals to expand their horizon and culture range.

The Radio frequency would be shared by different countries representatives. I believe in some subsidy would help to get kicked off, but latter just selling the schedule and etc. just as a standard radio works.

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