Bristles refill to toothbrushes

19 Apr
Toothbrushs generation

(Photo credit: HatM)


The word of the day is sustainability. Not only of the day, of course, but let it be.


I myself have always got a bit concerned every time I have to change my toothbrush. And it is time now. The whole thing is in order but the head. In fact, I don’t need more than new bristles. And I am sure you guys who change toothbrush regularly would agree that you do not damage the whole handle (body) of a toothbrush in three months.


Electrical toothbrushes usually have the mechanism I am thinking of now. But also that could change a bit (by the way, I don’t like electrical toothbrushes. Just weird, i think).  Again, what I need to change is only the head, mainly the bristles, because everything is all right, brand new, as a matter of fact.


The big tooth product companies should just sell long lasting handles with replaceable “heads”. The main argument is environmental, I swear. But of course it would make the replacing of a toothbrush cheaper. And perhaps Colgate, Oral-b, etc. would be against it. In fact, I’ve already said that to Colgate team, since I was a member of their client council board. It seems they do not like my Stiod.


PS. I’ve seen a kind of thing as I wrote here, in Sweden (made in Germany if I’m not wrong). So this is not my Stiod.


Question, would you pay a little more for a long lasting (non electrical) handle if you could latter change only the “head” of its?





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