Stiod Opinion: Eat a woman from “down there” up.

18 Apr

So, if you want to manifest about something, and you represent this with art. That sounds amazing.  This is what an artist did in Sweden. Makode Aj Linde decided to depict the mutilation of African women and wished that Swedish Minister of Culture should start the incision. After the sex of the black caricature was cut by the Minister, people started eating the poor woman, I mean, the black cake with read insides (disgusting!) and partying. A bit more grotesque than mutilation, perhaps… I don’t know…

The text I came across first was in a Swedish website one or two days ago, as I am lazy I am reacting only now.

I cannot classify how stupid the thing can be! No matter the color the artist is.  You cannot eat other people!

So, some more Stiod to artists around the world who want to “provoke”:

  • Hand out rubber fetuses in the churches, so you will fight abortion;
  • Picture naked babies smoking – as a warning that parents should not smoke near their kids;
  • Make a painting with Mohamed kissing the Virgin Mary so you defend peace between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East;
  • Burn buses in order to demonstrate against the lack of public transportation in small towns (learn from Sao Paulo gangs)

You can find a trendy and artistic way of doing so. You can defend yourself a representative of the “grotesque” etc etc etc. People will believe you. Some will applaud, I promise!

By the way, I think the Minister would not make the cake herself and was afraid to be called racist just as she said… I do!

6 Responses to “Stiod Opinion: Eat a woman from “down there” up.”

  1. Yara April 20, 2012 at 2:52 am #

    I think that we burning all buses of São Paulo, example, is a really good idea. We would enter the bus garages and burn everyone. Hence the company resets all with double drive or run the risk of repetition. Kiss of the Virgin Mary would also be fine.

    • notailnorflies April 20, 2012 at 3:22 am #

      Yeah… We have different ways to make our voice heard! Haha


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