The true you

17 Apr

The truth comes out the children mouth!


Do you want to know what you are like? There are some people you will get the answer from. And they are small and (usually) sweet.

Much fairer than mirror or a personality test. Cheaper than a profile analysis from an image consultant! What makes it better? Purity!

Our perception of the world is blurred since there have been way much information, many opinions, theories, techniques, concepts… that are not in a child’s mind. The lack of advanced (controversial, contrary) concepts, the simplicity and scarcity of resources will bring you much of a truth about how you’re seen out there in the world.

Do you have some children around you? Give them pen, paper and have them to draw you – if they want, needless to say, otherwise you shan’t get it by the way! What you will sure get,  in a couple of (imprecise, perhahps) lines, is what you mean to children. The few resources they have and purity of observation will make them optimally chose the right features who best represent you to their eyes.

Below, you will get some example of description of this person who writes you now, from the children’s hands.

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