Notebook inbluilt printer

14 Apr

"PoGo" printer with ZINK printing te...

Thanks got there is already a printer that is as small as a battery to a notebook. So when you are out of your spot you can yet print documents on the go and skip looking around for a lan house or somewhere to print your documents!

This printers such as Pollaroid, Prinstik or Pentax PocketJet are very useful specially for those wanting to print from tablets or smartphones. But if you are bearing a lot of thing, notebook, charger, paper etc. Why not skipping bearing one more equipment, cables, extra battery etc.?

Once the technology is on the right tracks, why not having your notebook with a printing capacity? In a corner or in the bottom of it, you get a slot where you put a paper and get it printed (the inkjet version –Pentax Inkjet style — would surely be more environmental friendly since you skip using thermal papers that are not recyclable etc.).

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