Idea # 3: drink coffee at 5 am.

13 Apr

No way!

People have got some brilliant ideas so long through whole World History. One of them, using coffee to keep your well being.

That’s not wrong. It does so. But watch out!

Good Ideas can land in the wrong island. And if it happens, we are faded to have a Stiod. Well being is related to a good night sleep, healthy food and no alcohol excess. But, ignoring those constants, feeling good equals drinking coffee. And a lot.

Good, you have to work your way to 6 pm at job. You have to be awake and treat well your co-workers. And we´ve got a coffee machine out there. Go ahead! Drink! Says your brainless body. I do, I do, I do says Abba… I mean… say the legs!.

But,  for you Health Insurance Sake! Do not do that, before the day starts. Or better saying, before the night ends.

Yeah… this was a great non working idea for the night.


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