A romance to be written

13 Apr
Blog of the day once again

(Photo credit: the Italian voice)

That’s not that I am lazy, but some ideas, would work perfectly, but they are just not for me! A romance, for example — I could perhaps do it, but I simply don’t.

So, Idea seeker and good writer, check this one out!

It is inspired in some literature I’ve read, in a comment from a great friend whose blog wasn’t a true success and she could see who read it, because it was an old multiply blog, plus a very successful blogger‘s — friend of mine — pride in his posts.

The story is as it follows:

There is this very shy blogger who is also a bit quirky. The blog is so uninteresting that it has no audience. In a sudden, one person comes and visit it. The reader (name and faceless) goes through all the unread old posts. – the clicks are tracked and show up in the blog statistics.

It would be just unnoticeable. A reader of a grayish charmless blog. But that has a meaning to the blogger’s self steem. A reason to write more. Someone reads the posts.

All just ordinary, as emotionless as it would be.

Orthographic projection of Uruguay.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Everyday, the blog gets one visit. The blogger starts to wonder: what kind of person read the posts? — Please, create nonsense posts to give fides to your romance — asks the blogger to self.

One day, after adding a flag counter widget, the blogger sees that there’s in fact one visitor somewhere in a city in — say — Uruguay. Everyday. Only one visit. From Uruguay…

What happens latter? They sure would have to meet later. The blog might start being popular after a while, perhaps? To start bothering the pair. The name of the city disappears from the statistics! where is my reader. the one!

and so on, and so forth..That’s it. Tell me if you come to use it. I’d love to critically read and enjoy it!


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