Idea # 1 – Gift picker

10 Apr

Have you ever being standing in a shopping mall hallway having no idea where to go?

You came there just because of that: need to buy a gift to someone and you can’t figure out what the person would like to get.  What can make someone happy?

People are so different. So are gifts

The idea is mixing personality tests and products description in a data crossing system (gadget application). It would work with a poll interface where the final user inserts the characteristics of what he/she can tell of the person who will get the gift (physical, psychological, social, cultural, relationship with the buyer, etc.) and the system searches the product with a description that fits optimally!

This might be non-working for general Apps, but might be worth it trying for big categories of products (books — criminal novel, romance etc.; cosmetics — perfume, shaving lotions, make up; jewels — gold, silver, jewelry etc.). But it can be used by some more restricted retailers as well, who have control over their repertoire and will help buyers to decide which of their products are the best ones.

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