Sketch Idea – Worldwide mandatory discipline: lex naturalis

9 Apr

Since much long ago some bright people have been trying to show the rest of the world that people have equal basic needs, bleed if you cut them etc. etc.

No matter which crazy, nice or insane theory we talk about. Locke, Aristotle, Buddhists, etc. etc. etc. had their will to put some messages as, if two people know what it is all about peace, none will seek war, for example.

Things seems quite obvious to most of the people, but it isn’t that way! And this is part of the natural way of things being: People do not understand why they have to do things, so they don’t do them. and vice versa.

So, let’s go: teach the world that if you bomb a place, people will die and that is not good. Because people are to be alive, just like you are to.

Indeed I think people haven’t got the picture yet. That’s why we have to teach it to a them all.

Thus, if you like to have a comfortable life, safety to yourself and the ones dear to you etc etc. So do other people. If one smacks your face it will hurt, so will it if you to other people. You want to go home early and so do other. You want to pay your bill at the bank, and hate queues, so does the whole amount of people in there (unless someone confesses the inverse).

I won’t get into theories and so and forth. This is just a sketch idea, in fact. The point is we have to teach a lot of things.

Do not believe in the obvious. It has to be said, repeated and put in practice!

Many of the students will probably know a lot of the rules of  lex naturalis that we are to teach. Another huge amount will know even the whys. People will never disagree… and they might get happy in you helping out to make their lives easier in helping them out to find some equality in world.

Things  to be taught:

  1. Kindness
  2. cleanness
  3. honesty
  4. ethics
  5. biology (why people die, for exemple, that they bleed, women are not worse than man etc.)
  6. .
  7. .
  8. .

Ok, I”d like you guys help me out. Let’s keep the list on. Perhaps UN can help us with our ideas and work the way to a better world through education.

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