Idea # 2 – collecting easter egg bases and making a toy.

9 Apr

This Stiod was a bit fun, and I applied it at once.

Easter egg base

Easter egg base

We got those big chocolate eggs, typical in Brazil, to the children. When I saw the plastic “mugs” that help to keep the eggs standing, I just thought I could do something with them – hard plastic with common sizes and shapes. The first thing that came to my mind was using them to build a lamp or some decoration object.

The kids were to get bored and instead, I realized that we’d got a homogeneous set of “totems” perfect to play an old game we used to when I and my sisters were teens.

The game:

The players sit in a circle and each one hold a “totem” (it could be a box of matches, a cup  etc.) in one hand.

All (or almost all) sing and a song. Following the song, the players pass their objects to the next person in the circle.

The lyrics points out when the movement stops (take it out! put it back), and when it changes ( “zig zig zá”) and the players all make a back and forth movement with the object, without passing it to the next person. The traditional way of doing it is repeating the sequence again and again, and substituting the lyrics for “la la la” or silently.

The lyrics we sing translated to English. (listen to the melody here)

Slaves of Job
Played Caxangá*
Take it out, put it back, leave it on
Warriors with warriors do zig zig za
Warriors with warriors do zig zig za.
                                         *I have no idea of what caxangá means.
I found also a video of people playing something similar on you tube. Check it out
It would be quite nice to have this game reaching more kids, because it is very funny.  It teaches group work and coordination. I thought it to be difficult, but changed my mind when my little niece Victoria who is only 5 loved it and could play very well after some training.
A kit with the “totems”, a device playing the melody in different speeds and the lyrics to the song would be an amazing gifts for kids or teens. Even having home to play with friends and family!

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