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Idea # 1 – Thermometer sauce pan

8 Apr

Today’s first idea came up after a couple of kitchen disasters.

Have you ever waiter longer than usual to get your recipe cooked? Or your perfect sauce just turned out to be totally lumpy? Tried some oat porridge and the oat was way raw while and yet bound together ?

That because for an average human being it is very difficult to know when your recipe got the ideal heat. Having a thermometer in the kitchen is a solution for some cases. But in the most of the cases it is quite ungainly. The porridge case, for example, it isn’t functional to stir and have a thing in your way.

The Stiod is to have pans with thermometers within. The handle of the pan will show you the right temperature of its content (not the surface, as you can find in the  frying pan I just saw when googling my idea).

It might be kept simple, just a simple functionality of showing the temperature would be perfect (and payable).

and help lots of amateurs who experience such a happiness in being able to try some professional recipes that tells you… “keep the sauce under 231 degrees for 13,56 minutes.

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