Idea # 1 – Tidy Up pills

6 Apr

Who isn’t happy in having a clean an tidy place to live in?

The first Stiod might find some legalization problems, but that is up to the developers to look up for.

That is not supposed to be some methamphetamine or similar drugs that makes you “stunned”. Because they do not take you where we are interested of. Not even coffee, because you do spend you time in doing many other things than that.

You take a pill early in the morning, only the day you need to have your household duties done. So it will give you a strong necessity in tidying up. Moreover. It will give you  intense satisfaction in doing so.

The Tidy Up pills might be sold at supermarkets near cleaning products department. Exactly where the pain and depressive feelings of this nasty task starts.

Think about it!


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