Idea # 4: Grocery Stock Market App

5 Apr

Why there’s no working Apps for comparing prices at a real time  from chosen grocery stores?

I walked 1km more that I would need to go to the shop that always has the best prices in the neighborhood to discover that the can of tune fish I wanted was the same price as the shop near my house.

Think about walking and gathering the offer sheets from all grocery or butcher’s stores  in your neighborhood to see where you shall save money. Great time to save from paying the gymn and walking around, but later you’ll need to sit and calculate everything – now you can your Comparison App.

Supermarket comparison working App!

Now? When I did all the job already? A simple spreadsheet will do it!

Idea # 4 is a large Internet Based Public Utility. To be done by someone who is not only sitting and designing Apps (no offence, please). You get the supermarket involved! You will help them as a matter of fact!

So the best they can do is sending you — as in a real stock market routine — prices so you can feed your App

Please, I’d love to (critically) try some betas 😀

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